Let’s give a round of APPLAUSE to our Teen & Senior Soloists! ??????

⭐️ Platinum & Double Platinums; London Heath, Savanah Christopolis, Tegan Marshall, Maggie McGinn, Violet Oliver, Gabby Heath, Kaileigh Haslup and Isabella Ridgely

⭐️ Special Judges Award Maggie McGinn Long Lines

⭐️ Most Entertaining Solo Award Violet Oliver

⭐️ Teen Encore Overall 3rd Place Kaileigh Haslup

⭐️ Senior Ovation Overall 3rd Place Isabella Ridgely

⭐️ Teen Ovation Overall 5th Place Violet Oliver

⭐️ 2nd Runner-up Encore Teen Title Kaileigh Haslup

⭐️ 2nd Runner-up Teen Ovation Title Tegan Marshall

⭐️ 1st Runner-up Teen Ovation Title Maggie McGinn

⭐️ Teen Ovation Title Winner Violet Oliver

⭐️ Senior Ovation Title Winner Isabella Ridgely

A great start to our competition weekend. Congratulations girls! ??