DEI Company, Proud is an understatement! ?Thank you Believe National Talent Competition for an amazing event!

I had many moments this weekend just in awe of the growth I’m seeing in these girls. What a wonderful experience this was for all of us. Seeing the girls all together clapping cheering each other on, the parents helping each other where and when they can. Friends & family coming all weekend to support us. Thank you all – it takes a village and I love mine! While I’m sure everyone else is exhausted from back to back comp weekends, I’m even more excited and determined to get back in the studio and get back to work! I loved being back in the “normal” competition environment- seeing other studios, witnessing the amazing talent on stage- I left feeling even more inspired and I hope my dancers did too -Ms. Lauren ?

Because it would take me forever to write them all out here’s a quick snapshot of our weekend at Believe;

⭐️ Special Judges Awards

⭐️ Platinums & Platinum Plus Awards

⭐️ High Score Overall placements

⭐️ WILD Dance Intensive Scholarship recipients

⭐️ 3 Golden Tickets to World Dance Championship

⭐️ Junior SDA Regional Champions!!

⭐️ Solo Scholarships (PowerPak) & (Battle of Stars)

⭐️ Overall High Scores for solos

⭐️ 2nd runner up/1st runner up for Junior, Teen & Senior Title