2 Recital Shows later…We did it! ?

A year of uncertainty, in-person classes, virtual classes, hybrid, masks, no masks, social distancing.. you name it we did it. We did whatever it took to get here. Our studio though it may be small we are mighty and we are growing! We adapted and we overcame.

I’m thankful for all the parents and dancers who stuck with us and continue to do so. I’m so proud of our dancers, the instructors, and the DEI staff for creating this amazing show. Each recital keeps getting better!!

I’m sure everyone is beyond exhausted I know I am. BUT after a few days of rest, it’s back to the grind for me to set things in motion for Summer and Fall! I’m so excited for the next dance season and the future of DEI! Everyone, have a wonderful summer and see you soon!

? – Ms. Lauren