Wow! Where to begin?! DEI dancers did an AMAZING job tonight at On Stage America?⭐️Congratulations to all of our dancers! We are SO proud of you ?

⭐️ Imma Bad 1 – Kaileigh Haslup- High Platinum-Swagalicious Judges Award

⭐️ Swinging Shepherd Blues- Kaileigh Haslup-Diamond

⭐️ Never Enough- Kaileigh Haslup- Diamond

⭐️ Feeling Good- Bella Ridgely- High Platinum

⭐️ Hound Dog- Violet Oliver- Platinum -Show Off Judges Award!

⭐️ Mama Knows Best- Lexi Matthews- Platinum- Dream Student Judges Award!

⭐️ Think- Gabby Heath- Platinum

⭐️ Roxie- Maggie McGinn- High Platinum

⭐️ I Can’t Do It Alone- Bella & KK – Diamond

⭐️ Beautiful People- Maggie & Gabby- High Platinum

⭐️ Black and Gold- Savanah, KK & Bella- High Platinum

⭐️ Farewell – High Platinum

⭐️ Mama Makes Three- High Platinum

⭐️ Let’s Get It – Platinum

⭐️ Friend Like Me- High Platinum- Broadway Bound Judges Award AND an invite to Nationals!!