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Fun, Rewardable & Affordable Dance Lessons

If you are looking for competitively priced dance lessons in Glen Burnie, Maryland, we have you covered. We strongly believe that dance is much more than simply a fun hobby or a way to keep fit. Dance students can tap into a reservoir of creativity they never knew they possessed, discover new movement possibilities, and strengthen the mind-body connection. As such, we want to make our lessons available to as many students as possible.

You can review all information relating to our fees on this page. If you have any questions about our classes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Tuition Information

An annual $50 fee for new students and a $40 fee for returning students are due and payable at registration. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a class is canceled by the studio before the session.

Fees are based on 10 equal monthly installments from September through June. (Full payment is required for June).
The first payment is due at registration and the remaining 9 installments are due on the 1st of each month.

Tuition is not refunded for absences, inclement weather closures, holiday breaks, rehearsals, and recital.

Funds received are automatically applied to the oldest outstanding balance and/or late fees. All fees must be paid before your child participates in the annual recital.

Dance Explosion Infinity 
Dance Explosion Infinity


Late Fee:

A $15 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 5th of the month. Students entering mid-month tuition will be prorated and will not exceed one full month’s tuition. TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE, with no exceptions.

Returned Checks:

A $25 returned check charge will be assessed for any returned check. After the second returned check, classes will be available on a cash-only basis.

Payment Information

Credit Cards:

Credit cards will be required to have on file on the Parent Portal for everyone to enroll in. This site will allow parents to pay tuition, enroll in classes, costume deposits, etc. You will be able to access this site from any mobile device. Each parent will have their very own password and log in to the site.

Dance Explosion Infinity
Dance Explosion Infinity Summer Intensive Masterclass 2022 Dmitri Malikoy


  • Military Discount
    • We offer a Military Discount of 10% (must show ID) This only applies to Tuition!
  • Sibling Discount
    • Siblings enrolled in 3 or more classes will receive an hourly discount.



Absolutely NO VIDEOTAPING OR PICTURE TAKING in the dressing rooms! This includes pictures on recital day or photo day in the studio.


Absolutely NO VIDEOTAPING OR PICTURE TAKING inside our studio without the consent of the teacher.

Dance Explosion Infinity
Dance Explosion Infinity

Dress Code

Dancers are required to wear the appropriate attire for each class they’re enrolled in. Failure to wear required dance attire to class could result in students being asked to sit out of the class.

Black or pink leotard, a skirt is optional. pink or tan tights. Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes. Hair in secure bun.

Solid color Leotard and tan tights. Black tap shoes. Pink Ballet shoes. Hair in secure bun.

Black leotard and pink tights only. Ballet shoes. Pink ballet shoes. Hair in secure bun.

Solid color leotard and tan tights. Black tap shoes. Hair in secure bun.

Tanktop or camisole. Leggings or shorts. Hair in a secure ponytail. Dance sneakers – NO outside shoes are allowed. Leotard and tights are fine underneath if those taking classes before or after want to layer. NO baggy clothes like sweatshirts or sweatpants.

Solid color Leotard and tan tights. Pirouette shoes. Hair in secure bun.

Solid color leotard and tan tights. Tan jazz shoes. Hair in secure bun.


Class Placement

Placement is determined on several factors, including (but not limited to) age, ability, and experience. For the student to progress in the fastest possible manner, the professional staff at DEI will determine class placement. Please trust the professional advice of our teachers to best help your student to advance.


Good attendance is a must for classes to be of maximum benefit to the student. Please make every effort to be on time and attend every class. There will be no credit given for unused or forfeited classes when a personal decision is made by the student/parent not to attend. Absenteeism interferes with the consistent advancement of the class and is unfair to the students who are conscientious about attendance when students who rarely show up dance poorly or make mistakes because they don’t know the dance or are not polished. It ruins the dance for the rest. Poor attendance could result in removal from a recital dance. If you are 15 minutes or later for the class you may be asked to observe the class.

Dance Explosion Infinity
Dance Explosion Infinity

Insurance & Waivers


All students are required to be covered by their own insurance. If any injury occurs, it is understood that the students and their families are responsible for any medical costs.

Liability Waiver

It is understood that when dancers enroll/register for a class that their parents/guardians agree to comply with our code of conduct and waive/release Dance Explosion Infinity LLC, its staff, and independent contractors from any liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred while engaged in travel to or from and while at Dance Explosion Infinity. It is also understood that we use video monitoring for security and we reserve the right to use photography and video for promotional /advertising purposes.

Personal Belongings

Dance Bags

Please do not bring large dance bags. Only bring the necessary shoes required for class. Items must stay inside the bag at all times and closed.

Dance Shoes

Please mark your child’s name in their shoes. We are NOT responsible for their shoes. Do not allow your child to wear dance shoes outside before or after class. This will damage the shoe and will also bring germs into the studio.

Cell Phones

Students are not allowed to make phone calls during class or bathroom breaks. No photos or video’s allowed while at the studio without the teacher’s permission.
If your child is sick and needs to leave they must see the office staff. We will contact the parents.

Dance Explosion Infinity
Dance Explosion Infinity

Inclement Weather

Our studio will follow the Anne Arundel County Public Schools regarding inclement weather conditions. Please join our Facebook studio page – which will always have up to date closing information. An email will also go out to the email on file.